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Teresa opens doors in her book that most beg to leave closed. She opened these not just for herself, but for others to understand the darkness but to find the hope within!Ā 

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I shouldn't be here today...

Have you ever thought about your last day? Where it would end? And how you would end it? I answered these questions...

I battled cancer. And, I won! But then, I had horrible side effects and new illness in the aftermath. I wasn't living life on my terms. Pressures were building up. I couldn't focus. I lost my edge. I wasn't "on top of things." And, IĀ couldn't "feel" anymore... unless you countĀ detached, alone, isolated... Life for everyone else kept moving forward, but I? I was stuck.

I thought I wanted to leave this world. I thought it would end my pain and make lifeĀ better in the long-run for my family..Ā  I now tell my story in hopes you never consider questions like these. No matter where you are, It WILL get better. We can do this.