LIFE is an experience! 

Appreciate the journey behind. Now, make your next miles count.

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A Path for Everybody

No matter age or stage in life, we provide a roadmap that moves you toward your destination while experiencing the journey and adding value to the world around you.

Internal Leadership
for College Athletes

Provide student-athletes with tools, methods, and strategies (skill set) that will allow them to apply leadership in real-time resulting in growth and better decisions.

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Youth Leadership
for 5-12 Graders

Elevate student's mindset to be consistently positive and powerful as they face and overcome adversity. Become influential in contributing to a positive culture.

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Internal Leadership
for Organizations

Expand your organization’s reach and impact. Increase contribution through high impact habits. Reduce burnout and increase intentionality between work and home.

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Stress Less Live More
for High-Achieving Women

Live and lead with purpose. Take back your control of time, energy, productivity and overall health, while reducing stress, overwhelm, fatigue, and burnout.

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Meet the Alesches!

Hi, Teresa and Cody here. We are passionate about growth, leadership, health, and family. With a combined 26 years in educational leadership and athletics, we've joined forces to help you incorporate high performance habits to live and work with more clarity, energy, and impact. Let's get you living and leading with purpose - at work AND at home!

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Life is much sweeter for us, and those around us when we own our experience, and choose to live in the present moment.

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